chairmanDr. B. K. Modi
Global Chairman & MD, Spice Global
Business Leader& Visionary Entrepreneur

Dr. B. K. Modi is one of the India’s first visionary techno-entrepreneurs to capitalize and invest in the new economy sunrise sector opportunities created by the liberalization of the Indian economy. Admired for his unconventional wisdom, he has played a strong leadership role at the global level in building bridges of friendship between nations. An innovator with great foresight, Dr. B. K. Modi helped put India on the hi-tech map of the world. He has a 30-year proven track record of building some of Asia’s most successful Joint Venture Partnerships with global giants such as Xerox, Alcatel, Telstra and Olivetti. He played a major role in pioneering the technological transformation of India by spearheading entries into the mobile telephony space and office automation business (more details at

Born in a small town in India, Dr. B. K. Modi has emerged as a truly global citizen and entrepreneur with offices in London, Los Angeles, Shenzhen, Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi. He is the Founder Chairman of Spice Global, a multi-faceted technology group with current valuations exceeding US$ 5 billion and gross revenues in excess of US$ 2 billion. Headquartered in Singapore, the Corporate and Finance hub, Spice Global has controlling interests in operations across the world. It has acquired significant scale in the ASEAN and SAARC regions and is expanding to the Middle East and Africa – markets of the future with more than 64% of global youth population.

He believes that Education is the vital element for the development and progress of any country and the world at large. The quality of education determines the quality of the nation as well. A truly educated person has total regard for the sacredness and certainty of all life and works towards building a human society. It is noteworthy that Dayawati Modi Academy is fulfilling the mission of nurturing worthy citizens of the world.