AUDIO VISUAL AIDS : The school provides education through the audiovisual aids too. The selected quality films/documentaries are shown time to time to the students to enhance their educational inputs.

LABORATORIES : There are well equipped airy and lighted Labs of Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

TRANSPORT: The school has the bus facility on prescribed routes catering the vicinity. The new bus route can be created on the demand and feasibility in the beginning of the session. The school authority has the right to change create the bus route, if necessary.

LIBRARY: To encourage the students for inculcating the reading habit of books the school has a rich library and spacious reading room.

CANTEEN : The school has a canteen in its premises providing hygienic snacks, dry foods at reasonable rates.

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: The school is Affiliated to CBSE and has English as the medium of instruction.