On November 30th, 2012, we celebrated “One Nation Reading Together”. In this event all of us (Teachers & Students) involved in 30 minutes time from 12:00noon to 12:30 to read for fun, and done other activities in order to celebrate reading as a pleasurable and enriching experience.

The vision is to encourage children to read more learn more and ultimately lead better lives. So to emphasize this habit we get together with most schools across India and celebrated this day specially designated for this.

Children in the school were asked to bring a book of their choice. At 12 noon after ringing a bell everyone in the school stopped everything and read for about 30 minutes. The reading pledge was taken by the students, which is written by India’s renowned children’s author, Ruskin Bond.

The event also creates solidarity with Reading as all children in schools across India have done the same thing at the same time.

So we all have done something for the cause of Reading as we firmly believe that it is “Readers who make Leaders” – Children who lead by thought, word and action.