About the Academy

Designed aesthetically custom writing serviceand located away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the outskirts of Varanasi at Ranmagar, “DAYAWATI MODI ACADEMY-VARANASI” has established its identity as one of the most prestigious schools around the city and hardly one hour happy drive from Varanasi, the central point of attraction for National and International tourists.

“At Dayawati Modi Academy, we believe in the philosophy of “Roots & Wings”. Our Parents send their children with strong roots. We nurture & nourish them and provide with wings. When they pass out from the school, their wings are so strong that they are capable of with standing all kind of odds, with little support; they convert into global citizens, responsive, mature and basic building block of our Great Nation.”

DAYAWATI MODI ACADEMY – VARANASI is well equipped with modem educational facilities and is modem public school version of ancient “Vidyashram” emphasizing all round development of personality and character through corporate life, close contact between teacher and taught, a wide range of programmes highlighting the richest and the best in Indian Culture Heritage and a variety o activities.

The Academy transcends the past and present and lets the students advance researching, probing, analyzing and synthesizing. It lets the student in the very center of the explosion of knowledge that it hurtling the world into dizzy heights of progress. It lets its students to be in the eye of the storm of change and feels the thrill of being part of it and accelerate it.

The curriculum aims at development of certain academic skills and mental abilities. It encourages proficiency in game and sports. It strives to draw out the latent potential of pupil in diverse fields through co-curricular activities such as art, painting, craft, music, dancing, yoga, elocution and dramatics. The curriculum of the ‘Academy’ encourages study through project work, excursion and real life experiences, dissertation writing rather than containing the pupils to mere class rooms instructions.

Our Moto

“Individual attention Imparting right knowledge various creative medium to develop confidence Techniquel meditation for self awakening Generating good thoughts to develop leadership skills  To chisel the intellect to Progress towards newer vistas”.